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natural city lab at AGORA Worshop!

Written by: Martina Troilo

We will be tutors at the IV AGORA international students workshop, "WATER PORT DISTRICT, Identity of a district and its community" at Gdansk University of Technology in Gdansk, Poland, 6-11 May 2018.

The context for the workshop is the harbour district of Nowy Port in Gdansk. The participants will face the challenge of regenerating a neglected site and bringing together different spatial elements in order to create the preconditions to build a positive sense of local identity.
We will be leading the group “Linking: integration and flow”. We will explore the different aspects of the topic “linking”, such as interactions of: people, public spaces, natural and built environments, scales and materials. The focus will be given to the role of democracy in the design process. To connect the participants to the local wisdom, we will spend time studying the public life in the vicinity of the site. In this way the design will ensure taking into account routines, desires and needs of the residents, thus providing a space for all and place for everyone.

posted on 29/04/2018