In our work we integrate traditional urban planning and architecture with different topics, like the water cycle, biodiversity, community enhancement, public life and sustainable mobility strategies. Take a look how we do it in the projects section.


We believe that good projects are born from a marriage of theory and practice, therefore we base our activity on a constant research and discussion. Around our coffee table we debate ideas, books and practices from the fields we work in. We are often involved in student workshops and organise field trips.


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DESIGN theories and practices

Our topics:
- urban strategies
- architecture
- energy efficiency
- resilient landscape
- water cycle and ecological network
- public spaces
- sustainable mobility and alternative modes of transport
- timber construction and natural materials
- building cooperatives and participatory design processes
- reuse, restoration, rehabilitation


Tutoring at the student workshop "Sustainable Public Spaces" at the University of Armenia, Colombia, June 2018

Tutoring at student workshops "WATER_PORT_DISTRICT, Identity of a district and its community" at Gdansk University of Technology in Gdansk, Poland, May 2018

Water Sensitive Urban Development: Redesign of The Basin of Potok Orunski in Gdansk for a More Sustainable and Livable City, University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf, Ula Cryer, 2017

G.R.A, infrastructure and ecological networks in Rome, Sapienza University of Rome, IT, Martina Troilo, 2008

Study trips
- Singapore, green-blue infrastructure
- Indonesia, use of bamboo in contemporary architecture
- Medellin, Colombia, urban development with high social impact
- Portugal, Switzerland and the Netherlands, contemporary european architecture
- Ronchamp, France, masterpieces of modernist architecture


International ideas competition for urban regeneration in Bari, IT, 5th prize, 2019

Ideas competition for the regeneration of a public space in Gdansk, PL, 2nd prize, 2019

Ideas competition for regeneration of the centre of Lodz, PL, recognition, 2016

Publication of the project in Bialystok in Przeglad Urbanistyczny, tom XII, 2016

Ideas competition for a model sustainable neighbourhood Wygoda in Bialystok, PL, winners ex-aequo, 2015

Publication of the Project "Tessiamo Pedalando", Paesaggio Urbano n.5-6, 2015

IQU, prize for urban quality and innovation, IT, 2015

"Tessiamo Pedalando", 1st prize in the competition for a bicycle network in Predazzo, IT, 2014

Publication of the project "A_Void: the gate", AR magazine of the Architects Chamber of Rome, 2008

"A_Void: the gate", 2nd prize at WAT "Limits, urban interfaces and landscape enhancement of a historical city", Gangwha, South Korea, Martina Troilo, 2007