Natural City is a vision that combines the two entities “nature” and “city” in a sensitive design that blends architecture, landscape and city planning, thus enhancing the quality of life and giving rise to a “natural habitat” for the human being.

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Natural City Lab is a group of young professionals. Coming from various geographical and professionals backgrounds we fuse experiences and base our activity on constant research and passionate discussion.

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Nature and City -by many viewed as two contradictory environments which exclude each other- for us are the elements that must coexist in the rapidly urbanising world. However, a Natural City does not only refer to its ecological elements. It is, in fact, a city for people, where the public life unfolds, with its complexity and variety, in unity with the public space.

Traditional medieval centers were good examples for a natural city, thanks to their feeling for human senses and scale and their ability to stimulate social contacts. Moreover, they were, despite the walls, much more connected with the surrounding landscape, being built with the local materials and fed by the surrounding farms.

We consider a natural city of our time an integrated system based on the natural principles of interconnectedness and diversity that j oins high and low technologies to build an optimal environment. Not only does it provide us with places and possibilities to satisfy our primary needs, but it can also offer the conditions for a healthy and happy life, thus creating a natural habitat for a human being.